Welcome to TKC Mini Farm in Santa Fe, TX

What we have on the farm

Nigerian Dwarf Goats

We have  Nigerian Dwarf and  Nigerian Dwarf/Pygmy crosses. 


"Princess Layer", "Blue" and "Hen Solo" are our 3 chickens. 

Mini Horses

Hercules is our gelding and loves to eat! Goldie is our Registered mare, is super sweet and comes to you for back rubs and scratches!

Available for Deposit


"SPOT" is now 5 weeks old and loves to climb and jump. He runs straight to you when he sees you coming. He is a super sweet boy! No papers or giant milk bags in the pedigree, just super sweet, people friendly pet goat. 

Fun video of "SPOT" climbing

"SPOT" loves attention and loves to jump and climb! I can bend over to pet any goat without him jumping on my back. He's a super cute little guy!

Thank You

Jimmy Don www.jdhirondesigns.com

Thank you for the amazing farm logo you made for us! It is awesome! Keep up the good work! 

Craftsmanship is second to none, finish is flawless and pricing very reasonable!


Why Mini's?

We have a small 5 acre mini farm in Santa Fe and LOVE all types of animals. By having mini animals, we can have more of what we love. Having raised our kids, our dream was to always get back to the country and so here we are. As we develop our mini farm, we will keep you posted of any events, for sale mini's and updates on new arrivals. We are just getting started, but hopefully in the next few months, we will have established a beautiful and thriving mini farm for our animals. 

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We love our minis and so will you! To see available minis, call us to schedule a visit by appointment only!

TKC Mini Farm

Santa Fe, Texas, United States

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