Welcome to TKC Mini Farm in Santa Fe, TX

What we have on the farm

Dwarf Nigerian Goats

Our 4 girls Maggie, May, Gha Gha and Quilty and our boy Chester welcome you!

Chickens and eggs

Our super cute "tractor supply" chickies are growing fast!

Mini Horses

Hercules and Tony are our geldings. Hercules is super sweet and Tony is a looker with his shiny black coat! Goldie is our new mare and is due to give birth around February.

Thank You

Thank you Dr. Jenkins at Santa Fe Equine Associates for checking our mini's out and helping us set up a schedule to keep them healthy and happy! 

Why Mini's?

We have a small 5 acre mini farm in Santa Fe and LOVE all types of animals. By having mini animals, we can have more of what we love. Having raised our kids, our dream was to always get back to the country and so here we are. As we develop our mini farm, we will keep you posted of any events, for sale mini's and updates on new arrivals. We are just getting started, but hopefully in the next few months, we will have established a beautiful and thriving mini farm for our animals. 

Evening greeting when I get home from work.

Love coming home at the end of the day to these cuties calling my name. Hanging out in the pasture never gets old and it's very relaxing. They love the attention! GhaGha especially will sit with me and wants to be scratched for at least 20min. 

Also available

Lady Gouldian Finches

I have been raising Gouldian finches for over 15 years as a hobby. Love to see them outside in their "almost"  natural environment in our walk in aviary. 

For details on available finches, click on link below.

Contact Us

Better yet, see us in person!

We love our minis and so will you! Call us to schedule a visit by appointment only!

TKC Mini Farm

Santa Fe, Texas, United States

281-773-4125 call/text


By appointment only!