Jack b. 11-29-19 Tri-colored buckling. Jack will be weaned at 8 weeks. He is available for deposit now. 

Mom is Butterscotch(blue eyed, polled). Jack is polled. 

Jill (On HOLD with Deposit)


Jill b. 11-29-19 

Jinxy (On HOLD with Deposit)


Jinxy b. 12-3-19  


Mini Horses Goldie & Hercules $1500


These cuties really love each other and would like to stay together. Goldie is a registered mare and Hercules is a gelding with registration that is out of date. They are the sweetest little minis. Goldie loves human interaction and is very inquisitive. Hercules is always looking for his next snack. They are up to date on shots and worming. Hooves are done regularly. Good with our goats, chickens and geese. Beautiful pasture bling or could  be trained to pull a cart.  Asking $1500 for the pair. Discount if purchased before December 31st.

Eggs $5


Fresh eggs available now! Collected daily for freshness guaranteed. $5/dozen.

Want to hatch your own chicks? Fertilized eggs available. $5/ dozen. 

Lady Gouldian Finches $100


Lady Gouldian Finches are from Australia and are one of the most colorful of all finches. They are not solitary and need a friend. They are beautiful and can be kept with other non aggressive finches. 


Credit Card Option


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Ready to put a deposit on a doeling , buckling or adult goat? Contact us to give us details on which goat you'd like to put a  non-refundable deposit down on. Thank you. 


Goat Gifts

16"x20" Canvas

Pay with PayPal or a debit/credit card

Can't have the real deal? This canvas artwork is of actual twins born here at TKCminifarm.  We just love our 4 legged babies so much and want to share with others. 

Shipping for an additional fee.


Goat Gifts

Sz. L Men's T-shirt

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Can't have the real deal? This men's t-shirt size L might help with your goat needs. This is "Ella" and sticking out her tongue when she talks is her thing! "Whatever floats your GOAT"

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