Our Herd


"Chester" is our super sweet Daddy.  He's a lover not a fighter!  Chester has brown eyes, waddles and is polled.


Maggie is a leader and rules the roost. She is little in size but mighty in nature. She loves to get scratches. Maggie has blue eyes and is extra small. 


GhaGha is the oldest of the girls. She is the sweetest of them all. She will follow you around wanting to be touched. She looks at you lovingly with those super blue eyes and you can't resist petting her. GhaGha has blue eyes, was registered by previous owner and is dehorned.


Patches could not be touched when we first got her but now loves to come over and visit and have her back rubbed.  Patches has brown eyes, waddles and is dehorned. 


May came to us as a baby. She is a no nonsense lady. She will visit with you for a minute then go about her business. May has blue eyes, waddles and is extra small. 


Spice is a blue eyed sweety! She loves to get attention and will nibble on your arm if she doesn't get it.  She and Sugar are twins. Spice has blue eyes and is extra small. 



Sugar is the twin sister of Spice and they are very much alike. Sugar can be a little bit more shy but still loves attention and isn't afraid to ask for it. Sugar has brown eyes and is extra small. 


Pepper came to us with Sugar and Spice and is a few weeks older than they are.  Pepper has brown eyes and is extra small. 


Rolo - Nigerian Dwarf Buck

ROLO is Patches baby and the daddy is a tri-colored blue eyed buck. He is the first born on the mini farm so we have decided to keep him. We can't wait to see how he matures. He is the sweetest thing ever.  Rolo has blue eyes and waddles.


Sandy is one of our newest Nigerian Dwarf Does. She has brown eyes and a cute lady beard. 


Lilly came to us with her best friend Sandy! She has brown eyes. 

Mini Horses and Chickens


Hercules is a super sweet gelding and LOVES to eat. He will follow you anywhere you go as long as a treat is coming his way. 


Goldie is our registered Mare. She is the sweetest of them all. She loves scratches and wants to be near you. She is a wonderful girl. 

Princess Layer

Silver Laced Wyandotte. She and Blue are from Seabreeze hens.

Hen Solo

Tractor Supply chicken we raised from a chick. She is super friendly and will follow you around and loves attention. She gives us beautiful large eggs regularly. Way to go Hen Solo!

More Cuties around the farm

Duck Duck & Goose

Duck Duck (White gosling) and Goose(grey gosling) are growing so fast! Fully feathered at about 8.5 weeks old. 


Our guard dog and best buddy. She is always on high alert:)


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